Somté PSG



Somté PSG - Compumedics Limited

The Somté PSG is a patient worn Bluetooth enabled full polysomnograph recorder. It can be used for attended sleep studies or in an unattended ambulatory setting. It is the simplest and most convenient way to meet requirements for full PSG...absolutely anywhere. Weighing only 234 grams and smaller than a mobile phone, the Somté is easy to apply to patients and easy to store.

"Fine Mark Design was able to work closely with Compumedics Industrial Designers during the layout of the flexible/rigid circuit board used in the Somté PSG recorder. This allowed us to fit the necessary circuitry, including two fine pitch BGA packages, onto a board which is still able to fold into the complex shape required by the product enclosure.."


Dr. Philip Grasso - Senior Biomedical Electronics Engineer