LMS2 Display

LMS2 Display – Lockie Safety Systems

Lockie Safety Systems design cutting edge functionally safe technology for the construction industry.  Their products protect operators and machines against the risks relating to rollovers.

“We recently started a new project requiring a radically different architecture, on a thin timeline.  Our new product contained our normal safety systems, along with a quad video interface, the largest FPGA available, dual multi Gb DDR3 memories and a host of other devices.  As we could not expand the size of our product we had to choose a PCB technology node that could not only support the high speed requirements, but also the thermal and mechanical constraints.

We were introduced to Fine-Mark Design by our PCB vendor.  When we first contacted Chris with the project we were very impressed at the level of review he placed into our design.  From there we were able to highlight our main requirements and give Chris the flexibility to make the design work.  What was delivered was nothing short of amazing.  Our PCB worked first spin, the memory interfaces (which were most complex and challenging) worked without fault and our entire project came together.

In this instance it was far more economically beneficial to get Fine-Mark to layout the PCB, rather than going down the traditional route of doing the job in-house”.

Lachlan Grogan – CEO and Product Architect, Lockie Safety Systems