Combination Ultrasound-Electrical Stimulator
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Combination Ultrasound-Electrical Stimulator - Metron Medical

Metron Medical manufacture products for allied health professionals who operate in the hospital, private practice, sports medicine and rehabilitation markets. The product was a new electrotherapy device that combines ultrasonic therapy and electrical stimulation modalities into a simple product with broad application.

We were confronted by the usual engineering resource challenges and after meeting Chris at a trade show we subsequently engaged him to perform the PCB design. The board uses a mixture of through-hole and SMD parts and presented a variety of design challenges associated with part positioning and medical device requirements.

Chris' considerable experience and expertise was evident throughout the entire project, which he delivered accurately and on time. We were really pleased that the board worked first spin. Overall, Chris provided an excellent service at a reasonable cost and we look forward to working with him again. He is certainly to be recommended.

Peter Ampt - Metron Medical